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To be rich you need to have true greed  
True Greed Is Universal

True Greed is the selfish desire or pursuit of money, wealth, power, food, and other possessions, especially where this pursuit may deny these same goods to others. It is generally considered a vice, one of the seven deadly sins for which Catholics may burn in oil. Hopefully that is rich, exotic oil.

Some desire to increase one's wealth is nearly universal and acceptable in any culture, but this simple want is not considered greed. Greed is the extreme form of this desire, especially where one desires things simply for the sake of owning them (such as the desire to have great amounts of money not to purchase objects, but possession or the money is an end in itself). Greed typically entails acquiring material possessions at the expense of other person's welfare (for example, a father buying himself a new car rather than fix the roof of his family's home) or otherwise reflect priorities.

Be Rich - Be Famous

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You know you want it all...that's why you are here. You lustfully desire wealth, privilege, and power. You're greedy and you don't feel bad about being in need of the finest things the world can offer.

To be KING. This is what you want. A frog is just a frog until he holds a fortune. Every woman wants a frog prince but only greed can get you there. Be rich, be powerful, be a King!

Corporate Greed

corporate greed

Corporations are greedy. Governments are greedy. Every politician, government leader, and yes, even the church is greedy in their own right. They take from the poor to usurp power and privilege In the name of others, in the name of themselves, in the name of a higher power. Don't be misled by the poor who say greed is a sin. Greed is GOOD

True Greed is your birth right.

be filthy rich

Don't leave it to chance. Sure you can roll the dice and hope for a windfall of money and success. Wouldn't it be better if there was a sure thing? A guaranteed way to make you life one of wealth and power? There is ... True Greed.

greed is king
Greed is King!

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